IP Intercom Have Never Been More Secure.!

Our intercom solutions are used throughout the public and private sectors to help increase physical security and improve your daily life.


Our extensive product offering makes an ideal range from which to select the perfect solution, whatever the purpose.

IP Door Intercoms

Intercom systems for secure and comfortable communication at corporate offices.

IP Access Controls

Fully featured access control solutions using IP infrastructure.

Answering Units

Luxurious audio and video units that fits into every interior.

World’s First LTE Intercom

Features & Benefits


This IP intercom allows you to configure it to your requirements. Select the specific module, accessories and configurable functions.

SIP Support

SIP protocol support makes it easy to link the intercom with IP phones, without having to connect to the server.

Bluetooth Technology

The Bluetooth module lets you eliminate access codes, entry cards, and key distribution.

Fingerprint Reader

Provide maximum access security for your building using modern, completely secure, and reliable access technology combined with luxury design.

External Camera

Simply connect an external IP camera to the intercom to cover all the blind spots. E-mail snapshots of the visitor captured by the camera at the time of the call.

Night Vision

See who is standing in front of your door, even in total darkness. Moreover, the camera is hidden from normal view.

Security Relay

This simple device prevents intrusion by detecting any unauthorized manipulation of the electronic locking system.

Remote Configuration

Access all your devices remotely via secured cloud connection. Fastest response to your intercom system.

IP Intercoms

Welcome any visitors to your building in style and save the cost of a reception service. Take advantage of the advanced features of IP door intercoms. Not only you do get comfortable communication, but thanks to the integrated camera you also reinforce your entrance access security.

IP Access Control Units

With the access control solution you can greatly improve the security of such exposed places, like offices, hospitals, hotels, warehouses or large complexes. Simply prevent access by unauthorized persons or allow them access only to certain areas.

Compact IP Intercom

That would be a great addition to your smart office entrance. Despite that it has only one fitted button, it can astonish by a hidden HD camera, multiple functionalities including calls to your smart phone, and easy integration into an existing automation system.


IP Access Control

Answering Units

Cloud Access


Intercom Modules

Touch Display 

Fingerprint Reader



Bluetooth Reader

Touch Keypad w/ RFID

RFID Card Reader

Bluetooth w/ RFID

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