Voice Mode

Fully functional SIP enabled soft-phone working in your browser.

Non-Voice Mode 

Works with market leading PBX platforms, CRM and IP Phones to provide complete CTI integration.

RTC Mode

Any voice calls in The Hub enables peer-to-peer calling and group audio conferencing.


The Hub allows you to make and receive calls from within the browser. Stay in touch with your team and have access to information from anywhere with WebRTC and SIP technology.


Add contact details to centralized phone book with a single click. Integrate your Hub contact book with the phone on your desk. Share your contacts with your team.


Instantly share your documents, securely and safely with your colleagues. Never lose a track again of your conversation. 


Hub enables you to invite customers to business conversations, share screen and have conference calls with them.


Your privacy is our top priority. All of our voice calls are encrypted and all data is stored on Amazon S3 and can only be accessed with secured private key.


The Hub offers business ready solutions that can be integrated with your existing phones, CRM, PBX platforms, and other applications.

One Click Screen Sharing 

Getting everyone on the same page is easy when The Hub instant screen sharing is involved. When you start your meeting, simply press the “screen sharing” icon and you’re ready to go.

The Hub Enables to Platform Login with Microsoft Office 365

SSO help centralize authentication management, enabling users to login and instantly gain access to shared applications. This helps make security easier to achieve and allows more employee access. This also reduces the application workaround that happens when employees deem the login process too difficult or not user-friendly enough.

Instantly Share Any File

Files of any size and type are shared right in the conversation flow such as; images, videos, sound files, documents, and archives are instantly accessible regardless of the device.

SMS Accessibility over Web RTC

Communicate freely with your business customers in real time and notify them of any updates from within The Hub platform. Differentiate yourself from others in the market. It supports both inbound and outbound SMS Messages. Confidently scale and deliver your business SMS Messages globally.

Our Great Features

The Hub has a fully functional soft-phone built into the WebRTC platform. Best solution for office, remote workers and contact center agents.

Call Transfer

Allows you to perform attended or blind call transferring by selecting contacts or team members from contact book.

Call Notes

Hub allows you to save notes against each call so your team can better keep track of all the communication.

Concurrent Calls 

Hub softphone allows you to answer or make multiple calls at the same time.

Do Not Disturb

If you don’t want to be disturbed set you status to DND and it will reject all incoming calls and mute all communications.

Click to Dial

Works with market leading PBX platforms, CRM and phones to provide complete CTI integration.

Call History

Instantly revisit old conversations including files

Peer-to-Peer Calling

Invite your customers and prospect clients to group conversations keeping all communications centralized and everyone on the same page.

Desktop Notifications

Never miss an important message or call from your team with desktop notifications right from your browser.

Intuitive Design

Its fast, responsive and modern interface gives you freedom to use our app on your desktop, laptop or mobile device.

Create Contacts

Add caller details to centralized contact book with a single click during a call.


Create discussions, invite team members and customers, collaborate and communicate by text, voice and screen sharing.

Clipboard Option

Paste content images or documents straight into your discussion from clipboard.


Hub allows you to initiate conference calls with individuals or multiple people. Invite your customers and prospect clients to group conversations keeping all communications centralized.


Files of any size and type are shared right in the conversation flow moreover; images, videos, sound files, documents, and archives are instantly accessible  and Resilient file sharing, regardless of the used device. 

Secure Discussions

All your documents and communications are encrypted and stored in Amazon S3.


The Hub is offered as a cloud solution and can also be deployed in your environment. Ready to work with your existing infrastructure.  

Contact Centre Solution

Whether you have a distributed support or sales team or a receptionist directing calls at your company headquarters, The Hub’s Contact Centre functionality could be the answer.

Agile, Flexible & Scalable

The Hub allows you to increase or decrease any number of agents in a jiffy without interrupting your day to day operations. You can easily migrate from on-premises to cloud and set up a contact centre without any hassle.

Integrate with Leading Applications

CRM integration with leading applications available in the market makes your business workflow flexible. Pull all of your customer data on a single platform and be well informed about your customers before initiating any conversation.

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